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The mission of the Red Lion Theatre Company is to create genuinely engaging theater through open-air performances. The ultimate vision of the company involves bringing accessible Shakespeare to the city and give a new sector of Milwaukee the chance to experience Shakespeare through trained young professionals.

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William Shakespeare's classic


June 3-4, 2016 • 7:00pm

Lake Park - Summer Stage


Admission is FREE!


One of the most powerful plays in Shakespeare’s canon, MACBETH tells a story of political intrigue and personal frailty as Macbeth and his Lady struggle first with their ambition, and then with its dark consequences.


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Macbeth: Henry Lynch

Lady Macbeth: Taylor Kass

Macduff: Max Wilson

Banquo, Messenger: Stephen Johnson

Malcolm: Max Pink

Duncan, Seyton, Murderer: Tony Scotton

Donalbain, Fleance, Young Siward, Macd. Son: Liam Hartnett

Lennox: Alex Quade

Ross: Alec Wellenstein

Lady Macduff, Bloody Soldier, Gentle Woman: Natalie Alteri

Porter, Angus, Murderer: Mackenzie Swart

Attendant, Old Man, Lord1, Murderer, Doctor: Kyra Swanson

Witch One: Josie Trettin

Witch Two: Zoey Knox

Witch Three: Madisyn Fairchild


Creative Team:

Producer/Director: Alison Pogorelc

Assistant Director: Maddie Mainwood

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